Multicultural Dating in the City

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When you live in a big city multicultural dating is always an option if you can’t find someone South Asian. This Zardozi woman shares an experience of a date with a mysterious stranger.

I took yet another break from dating apps for a few weeks. I got turned off and decided to focus on myself, my hobbies and just being man free.

But the curiousity about potential mates out there eventually got the best of me and I decided to do a little swiping. It wasn’t a let-me-spend-hours-on-this-thing, kind of endevour, but with little snippets of time, I found myself swiping right on a guy I had previously swiped left on.

He asked me where I was from and claimed that I was from heaven. He was also quick to ask me to meet him and I agreed, even though I thought his previous comment was a bit corny. No harm in one drink. We met at a posh bar and he walked in wearing a tailored suit and brown, lace shoes. Very handsome, very much my type in the style department.  He smelled so good doused in cologne. A man’s scent can really lure me in.  But he also really smelled like the cigarette that he so obviously smoked right before he walked in. Strike one.

And this guy didn’t limit his alcohol intake. He knocked back drink after drink. It made me a little nervous for some reason.  This Arab guy gave me a chuckle too though. He was extremely complimentary, telling me I had a beautiful smile and looked much younger than my age. If anything, these dates are usually good on the ego, but also very damaging in the hoping for Mr. Right department.

After several drinks, the Arab prince, asked me to step outside with him so he could have another cigarette. He kept asking me when we could meet again and I said I didn’t know.

I had already made up my mind. Smoking is an absolute no on my unwritten check-list. He texted me for a few days after the date, calling me beautiful princess.  I’m starting to see patterns with certain groups of men. Depending on the part of the world they are from, they can be very smooth with their words to win over a princess to live in their smoky castle.

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