Vaccines: Here’s Why I Got the Covid 19 Vaccine


Vaccines are a touchy topic these days. To take or not to take? So we’re asking Zardozi women their opinions about Covid vaccines and passports. In this post, we spoke to Pakistani-American Mehru Sheikh to learn why she chose to get the vaccine.

Vaccines: Here's Why I got the Covid 19 Vaccine - Zardozi Magazine - Covid 19


What did you think when you first heard about Covid? I don’t think anyone could have prediced this to be such a life altering event. Personally I thought it was another virus that would be contained and wouldn’t impact us much, but clearly I was wrong.

What do you think about what’s happening now? Covid is an ongoing challenge we are learning to manage. I firmly believe that in order to get back to life before Covid, we must get everyone vaccinated.

Which vaccine did you get? I had no preference as to what type of vaccine since all three are proven to be safe and effective.

What’s your opinion on vaccinations? I believe restrictions are in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. When I immigrated to the United States, my parents had to submit documentation for eight vaccines for preventable diseases to enter the country. I think the same scenario applies here. This is an infectious disease threatening the lives of Americans. We are fortunte to have a solution readily available.

What do you think about vaccine passports? Anyone who is able to get vaccinated should because there’s a section of our population who are immunocompromised. We must think outside of our own bubble, focusing on the well-being of all Americans.

Do you think the vaccines and passports are infringing on our rights? There are many rules we follow which are in place to keep everyone safe. If you drive, you must wear a seatbelt. No shoes, no service. When one person’s rights infringe on the general well-being of the entire population, that is not freedom.

Why do you think there’s so much controversy surrounding vaccines? I don’t know. Getting vaccinated was an easy decision. After a year in quaratine (which was not fun) we now have a way to fight the virus. Not everything needs to be a political issue. If you get sick you go to the doctor, following their prescribed medical plan. You don’t argue with the doctor about medication because you aren’t an expert.

*The opinions expressed are those of the subject and do not necessarily reflect the views of Zardozi and its team.
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