Hollywood Regency Room Ideas

How to Design a Hollywood Regency Room - Zardozi Magazine - Home Decor

Hollywood Regency inspired rooms don’t ever go out of style. Picture oodles of faux bamboo, exotic prints and lots of brass.  This interior design style reminds us of the golden age of cinema when movie stars hosted lavish parties in their opulent homes. Here’s a few ways you can bring a classic look to your bedroom, living room or office decor too.

Hollywood Regency Brass Accents

How to Design a Hollywood Regency Room - Zardozi Magazine - Vintage Decor

Brass and gilt are commonly found in Hollywood Regency designs. And it’s easy to incorporate into your stylish decor. Pick up some brass pulls or knobs for kitchen cupboards or dresser drawers. Look for brass figures and trays to keep your trinkets organized. Brass cranes and swans are timeless decorative accents that age so gracefully.

Animal Attraction

Living Room Decor - Zardozi Magazine - Foo Dogs

Even if you aren’t into pets, these foo dogs are an easy way to spot a Hollywood Regency room. Look online for modern replicas or scour your local vintage shops for older versions with so much character. Consider animal inspired prints, textiles and wallcoverings-a step away from traditional, but the outcome is well worth it. In the 1930s a wild touch to decorating was the norm giving each space an exotic feel.

Asian Accents

How to Design a Hollywood Regency Room - Zardozi Magazine - Chinoiserie

Look for accessories that remind you of the Far East. This could range from accessories to aviary-inspired prints and pagoda shaped lamps. Mirrors with plenty of curves keep your space visually appealing, bouncing around plenty of natural light. The Chinoiserie chic look was highly coveted during the heyday of this old Hollywood glam style.

Bold Colours

How to Design a Hollywood Regency Room - Zardozi Magazine - Interior Decor

Transform vintage furniture with a quick splash of paint, but go for bold colours. Hollywood Regency doesn’t shy away when it comes to in your face style. We like a lacquered black, bright red or even a vibrant green. Using the colours sparingly on certain accent pieces will really let your Hollywood Regency-style room pop.

Interior Design Ideas - Zardozi Magazine - Vintage Decor
Interior Design Ideas - Zardozi Magazine - Chinoiserie

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