Bad Ass Brown Women to Follow

South Asian women are doing big things around the globe. Every day it seems like there’s a new entrepreneur busting out all her talent and grit to give us art, poetry, fashion and books that we just can’t get enough of. Entrepreneur and Shopify Experiental Marketer Natasha Singh constantly has her eye on the online world and knows how to spot amazing South Asian talent. She gives us her curated rundown of Canadian bad ass brown women. Get ready to see a whole lot of hard work realised.

Nor Black Nor White

Mriga Kapadiya and Amrit Kumar are the brains behind the vibrant and outspoken art and fashion they create. Tote bag sales tout female empowerment and help to raise funds for an art program for impoverished women and kids in Dharavi, Mumbai.

Hate Copy

Add a little masala and masti and that’s what you get when you see Maria Qamar’s cheeky, sometimes controversial and always cheeky art that covers life as a South Asian woman straddling both east and west.

Babbu the Painter

Mughal inspired with a modern twist, Babneet Lakhesar’s paintings are thought provoking and detailed, covering themes of women’s rights, sexuality and South Asian culture.

Mani Jassal

The Toronto-based fashion designer’s work is feminine and sweet. By blending her South Asian heritage with her Canadian upbringing, Jassal creates a beautiful bridal and every day wear wardrobe that is delicate while making a strong and stylish statement.

Mani Jassal Skirt

Rajni Perera

Artist Rajni Perera explores various issues like gender, popular culture, deities and dream worlds.

Rajni Perera

Rupi Kaur

Her world-renowned poems sear through our hearts. Kaur is a New York Times best-selling author and illustrator. Her haunting words stay with us long after our eyes have read them, leaving us wondering what truths she will expose next.

Rupi Kaur
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