Seville Travel What to Eat and Drink

Seville Travel What to Eat and Drink - Zardozi Magazine - Spain Travel

Seville travel has no shortage of food and drink options. Sevillanos like to linger, laugh and love. Days take on a relaxed pace. Rushing isn’t on the agenda here. Enjoy leisurely meals with friends in cute, little spots that make you feel right at home in Spain.

Seville Travel

As evening envelops the town, Sevillanos pour out into the streets. The soft tones of their Spanish conversations bouncing off the yellow, red and white buildings till the sounds make their way into the night sky. Even the moon wants to taste Seville. And why wouldn’t it? Meals are savoured outside on cobblestone lanes and in bustling, cozy, warmly lit tapas bars serving up big doses of flavour. Pale green olives burst with tangy delight, coffee is bold and rich. My tastebuds are happy in this city that softly sings to my heart. These are just some of my favourite local places to eat during Seville travel.

Try the Tapas

Small bites are the norm and great fuel for all the walking. Try the spinach and chickpeas, toast with tomato marmalade or one of the innumerable other tapas paired with a glass of vino. Every place offers something different and tapas won’t break your bank account at usually around three euros a plate. There’s many delicious vegetarian options too.

Glass of Wine

Sip slowly as conversations carry on into the night. Red wine is paired with a fizzy lemon juice. Quite the refreshing option after hours of casual wanderings. It seems as though wine is the cheapest thing to consume in Spain and that’s not a bad thing.

Coffee Time

Locals love stopping in for a lively chat over a cup of coffee. Choose the cortado during your Seville travel. It’s a strong jolt of espresso served up with a little milk in a small, clear glass. There’s no tall or shorts, just one size fits all. You will ask yourself just where these magical coffee beans come from giving the cortado a flavour unlike anything served up in a regular coffee joint back home.

Sweet Tooth

Confiteria la Campana

Calle Sierpes, 1-3

All the walking leaves you craving a quick sugary pick-me-up. Pop into this little bakery shop established in 1885 for tiny, little mouthfuls of sweet treats. Press your nose against the glass of Seville’s many small bakeries willing yourself not to go in and have just one more bite. One of our favourite indulgences was the napolitana de chocolate, a croissant stuffed with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. I”m not willing to admit just how many of these I consumed in one day.


El Rincon De Beirut

Calle San Fernando, 21

Large portions of hummus, fatoush and shawarmas are brought out by an incredibly friendly waiter who is ready to sing Bollywood songs in a heartbeat.

Il Vesuvio

Calle Tetuán, 15

A small, as most places are in Seville, but clean and elegant Italian restaurant, tucked away in a side street in the middle of town. Think fresh pastas and scrumptious appetizers prepared by an Italian family.

Seville Travel What to Eat and Drink - Zardozi Magazine - Spain Travel
Seville Travel What to Eat and Drink - Zardozi Magazine - Spain Travel
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