Decorating Walls with a DIY Gallery Wall

Decorating Walls - DIY Gallery Wall - Zardozi Magazine

Decorating walls is an easy DIY wall art idea that can be done quickly. And this little DIY wall decor idea transforms a room just by using what you’ve already got at home. We even frame little trinkets from past weddings. Here’s some ideas we’ve gone with. We attached a parandhi from our sister’s wedding and also a set of dandiyas from garba onto canvases covered in black velvet. We framed pictures of our Nani, sketches of London and paintings we’ve created over the years. There’s no rules for decorating walls.

Decorating Walls - DIY Gallery Wall - Zardozi Magazine - wall decor ideas


Frames, photographs and paintings


Hammer, nails and level

Decorating Walls

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1. Gather matching frames or collect a variety that compliment each other, like all gold, but with different textures. We like to use a collection of white, and gold frames in our DIY wall decor. Whenever you’re at your favorite home decor store or at a vintage shop, keep your eye out for unique frames with distinct patterns, texture and colors.

DIY Gallery Wall - Zardozi Magazine - DIY wall art

2. Arrange the frames on the ground until you get a layout you like. Then re-create the same DIY wall art in a prominent spot in the house. Use a level to ensure all the frames are hanging straight. Decorating walls really is this easy!

DIY Gallery Wall - Zardozi Magazine - wall decoration at home

3. We like to create this wall decoration at home in our home office and living room areas to create a visual focal point. Arrange your gallery wall over a console table or dresser to anchor everything together.

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