Natural Remedy for Anxiety Options

Anxiety. It’s on the minds of many these days. Zardozi’s Editor Rina shares what triggers her anxiety and also explains her natural remedy for anxiety options!

Natural Anxiety Remedy: Get Some Sleep

Natural anxiety remedy options are a plenty. But there are a few that have worked well for me. The first time I experienced anxiety was on a trip to Malta-a tiny Mediterranean island. Instead of wandering around its historic streets and admiring the sea views, I felt like my head was spinning. I had a pretty bad stomach bug, but when I went to see the doctor, she said I was just anxious. I looked at her incredulously. Anxiety? Me?!

On another trip, this time to Istanbul, after a very long flight, I tossed and turned in bed. Jet lag was really hitting me. Inside the chilly interior of the Hagia Sophia, instead of admiring the Islamic scriptures and dazzling Biblical mosaics, all I wanted to do was go back to my hotel room to rest. It was after these two trips that I realised how important regular sleep was for me to manage my anxiety naturally.

Just Listen

Sometimes the best natural anxiety remedy is just to pick-up the phone or meet with someone who is willing to just listen. You don’t want anyone’s judgement. You don’t want anyone’s opinions. Talking at this point may seem like the last thing you want to do, but getting someone to just hear your anxious thoughts will really keep you moving forward.

This too Shall Pass

Many of the women in my family have been through tough stuff. Especially my Grandmothers. Whenever I’m feeling anxious, I try to remind myself of how they somehow endured despite life’s difficulties and that so too will I. This isn’t about comparing your situation to anyone else’s, but to gain strength from the people before us.

Want to know more? Rina shares more of her experiences in the video.
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