Rina Chandarana

She loves picking up shells and the smell of fresh salty air by the sea. Can’t seem to curb her obsession for saag paneer, french fries and chocolate. She shakes her hips to salsa and dances and swirls in her chaniya choli at garba. If she could step into a time machine, she would visit New York in the 1940s when black and white old Hollywood red lips and form fitting women’s suits and gowns were all about glitz and glam and Regency decor with tufted, mirrored and lacquered pieces was the style. She has made a career out of scoring vintage finds at thrift stores. Believes fashion trends of the past always make a comeback. Has a hard exterior like the crab horoscope, but inside is a loving and compassionate soul, who prays for peace. Loves the diversity of all faiths and cultures and believes everyone has an interesting story to tell. Is proud to say she is a South Asian, but still imagines listening to the orchestra in Venice’s Piazza San Marco under a moonlit sky. Dreams big and is passionate about reaching for the stars. Believes learning from your parents is a necessary tool for success. Being a Mom is her greatest joy and biggest accomplishment. A true romantic at heart.