Grandmothers Inspire our Zardozi Shop


Every small business we feature in the Zardozi Shop share a link to our rich cultural heritage and the timeless wisdom of our elders.


How our Grandmothers inspired the Zardozi Shop: Growing up, I was inspired by my Grandmothers’ strength. They went through so much in their long lives, but somehow managed to teach us about our cultural traditions and values. Our paternal Grandmother Radha passed down stories about our ancestors travelling from Sindh to Gujarat. Nani, our maternal Grandmother shared her delicious recipes and her strong faith with us. Every business we feature shares a link to the timeless wisdom and heritage of our elders.

Why small businesses? Every brand we partner with is a small business. At a time like this, more now than ever, small businesses need our support. Think of the Zardozi Shop like the Sephora for South Asian brands, but instead of just cosmetics, we feature everything-lifestyle, motherhood, fashion, home decor and culture.

South Asian Brands: There’s so much talent and creativity in our Indian, Pakistani, Bengali and Sri Lankan communities. We want to bring their products to our global community of South Asian women.

What else does the Zardozi Shop do? Not only do we feature unique wedding, fashion, lifestyle, motherhood and home decor products with all of you, but we also tell the stories of the women behind the brands.

How to feature your brand: Just send an email to to start a conversation about your small business. We are so excited to learn more about your brand and add you to our Zardozi Shop!

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