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Building a Brand: Lessons from our Editor - Zardozi Magazine

Building a Brand: Lessons from our Editor

Building a brand takes a lot of work and along the way right?! Sometimes you feel like giving up. Sometimes you think you're on top of the world! So many ups and downs and so many lessons learned. Building a brand takes a lot of courage and determination. Sister Sister Zardozi Magazine started many years…


Find South Asian fashion and lifestyle brands from around the globe and learn about the women behind them.


Brand Growth: How the People Around you Matter - Zardozi Magazine - Brand Strategy

Brand Growth: How the People Around you Matter

Brand growth is not only affected by your motivation and willpower, but also by the people in your circle. Zardozi's Editor Rina shares some stories about the people she's come across along the way who have helped or hindered her while growing her brand.

Fashion & Beauty

Rahul Mishra Spring Couture 2020

Enter Indian Designer Rahul Mishra's whimsical, wild wonderland of feathery wisps and soft touches of colour inspired by an untamed planet. Mishra's designs appear to be plucked straight from an overflowing Garden of Eden carefully created by his Indian craftsmen.


Men's Style - Zardozi Magazine - Online Dating

Men’s Style: Does it Matter on a Date?

Men's style, does it matter on a date? This Zardozi woman explains what attracts her to a man on first impressions. Cinderella had her glass slipper and Carrie had her Blahniks.  Women just love shoes. It doesn't just apply to women's shoes either. A man with a nice pair, can really complete the look. First…


Motherhood and Mom Brain - Zardozi Magazine

Motherhood and Mom Brain

Mom brain, motherhood and raising two boys. Zardozi's Co-Founder Alisha Sanghera sat down (or atleast tried to) with us to chat about all things related to being a mom. Life changes a lot when kids come along, especially when there's more than one. Comment down below to let us know your experience with becoming a…


Istanbul Travel Guide - Zardozi Magazine - Blue Mosque

Istanbul Travel Guide

“Where are you from?” asks the man in the tiny shop lined up to the ceiling with fake designer purses. “Colombia? Arabic?” This seems to be a common question across Istanbul from restaurant waiters to men hawking perfume on the street. It is not surprising considering the city was once an important stop along the…


This Indian Cafe is Run by Acid Attack Survivors

On a recent trip to India Zardozi visited Sheroes Hangout, cafes in Agra and Lucknow that employ acid attack survivors, empowering them to feel confident and earn a living, all while educating the public about the horrendous violations on their appearance and lives. “My father attacked me and my mother while we were sleeping,” says…

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