Muslim Jewish Wedding in New York

Monis Zahira Alam and Corey Miles Burr

WEDDING: Muslim and Jewish  |  LOCATION: New York

Muslim and Jewish traditions blend beautifully at Monis and Corey’s wedding at New York Botanical Gardens. “Our approach was to celebrate every tradition without compromising on any special moments,” Monis tells Zardozi.  “Our goal was to show the best of our wedding traditions to all our guests without sacrificing the integrity of each tradition. We didn’t want it to feel “fusion,” but rather all things together at once. It was like planning two weddings at once!”

Muslim Jewish Wedding in New York - Zardozi Magazine - Multifaith wedding
Muslim Jewish Wedding in New York - Zardozi Magazine - Muslim Wedding
Muslim Jewish Wedding in New York - Zardozi Magazine - New York Nikkah


  • Muslim Nikkah – Sabyasachi 
  • Mayoun – Anarkali Bazaar Lahore
  • Mehndi – Custom Ali Xeeshan 
  • Jewish Ceremony – Vera Wang
  • Wedding Reception – Bespoke HSY 
  • Farewell Brunch – A kurta from Pakistan
Wedding Mehendi - Zardozi Magazine - New York Wedding


Muslim Nikkah, Mayoun, Mehndi, Jewish Ceremony, Reception, Farewell Brunch

“Don’t underestimate the love your parents and family have for you. I discovered that beyond anything my parents and family wanted me to be happy and the best version of myself. they saw that Corey was that for me and threw their entire support behind us.”

Pakistani Wedding - Zardozi Magazine - Pakistani Bride
Muslim Jewish Wedding in New York - Zardozi Magazine - Interfaith Wedding

“The surprises we planned for each other! I brought Pakistani/Indian Pop Band JOSH to play at our Mehndi and Corey surprised me with Jewish Bottle Dancers at the Reception. So fun and neither one of us had a clue!”

Pakistani Reception - Zardozi Magazine - Jewish Pakistani Wedding

“If you treat each point of disagreement as an opportunity to learn more about your partner then you’ll always come out on top together.”

New York Walima - Zardozi Magazine - Pakistani Bride

Photography: Joey Conti and To the Moon NYC

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