Tinder Tales: Ciao, Ola, Salam

Follow the Tinder tales and the many ups and downs for this Zardozi woman who is on her quest to find Mr. Right. 

The swiping continues. The city where I live is so diverse. So you can meet a wide variety of people from all around the globe.

Although I get matches, often it doesn’t go anywhere beyond some light conversations. But one chat turned awkward quick. He insisted on asking very personal questions, which I refused to answer and then he went on about his previous relationship and the intimacy he shared with his now cheating ex girlfriend. I never spoke to him again.

Another man spoke French and seemed like a ball of energy during our chats. But the conversations never lead to an actual date. So I left it alone. I was at a point where I didn’t feel like chasing any man. And frankly I don’t think I should ever have to. It is Mother Nature’s way to let a man come to you, it keeps things in balance.

“It is Mother Nature’s way to let a man come to you, it keeps things in balance.”

Several weeks later, while out with my friends, I saw this very Frenchman standing by the bar. I greeted him with a “bonjour.” To my surprise, he acted like he didn’t know who I was and told me to give him a second while he finished ordering his drinks. I decided not to wait and pulled my friend to the dance floor.

The next morning, he sent a text saying that he realized who I was and how beautiful I looked. After that he insisted that he would never ignore me again and that we should meet. I said no a few times, but then thought why not give him a chance.

“I said no a few times, but then thought why not give him a chance.”

One day he asked me to meet him for coffee and I agreed very last minute. When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised. He was handsome and very sweet. Opening doors and speaking gently. Still him and I must both have realized that it was going no where, since neither of us have reached out consistently since. I’m not loosing sleep over this.

Another time, one contender kept asking me out. One night he mentioned that he was in the area where my friends and I happened to be and asked me to come join him. I went to meet him for a few minutes, with the excuse that my friend was in the pizza place next door waiting for me so I couldn’t stay long. Luckily that part was true because when I saw him I knew this wasn’t going to go well. I’m not an overly tall person and he was shorter than me while I was wearing my heels.

As my friend and I walked back to my car, an Italian guy started to chat with me. Finally, I thought, a real live man is talking to me in person and not over some phone app. It turns out though he was far too young to entertain anything further. Ciao bello!

All these global bachelors but no Mr. Right… Yet.

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