Men’s Style: Does it Matter on a Date?

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Men’s style, does it matter on a date? This Zardozi woman explains what attracts her to a man on first impressions.

Cinderella had her glass slipper and Carrie had her Blahniks.  Women just love shoes. It doesn’t just apply to women’s shoes either. A man with a nice pair, can really complete the look.

First impressions matter. It’s in those first few seconds that I decide if I want to see a guy again. Might sound a little vain, but the same principle applies at a bar. When you see a cute guy, you don’t think, “I bet he has a nice personality.” Looks are the first attraction, but then personalities have to stick.

People have always told me I look a little younger than my age and the men in the dating world seem to think so too because I only seem to meet the young ones, when in reality I’m looking for an older man with a young at heart mentality.

So when an older European man from New York asked me to meet, I agreed. He actually called to chat on the phone too, something unheard of with the younger guys. Later he said we would be wearing jeans, a t-shirt and running shoes to the date. I was sure to let him know that the place we were meeting was pretty dressy and I assumed he was joking about his outfit choice. He’s from a cosmopolitan city, with a European background, there is no way he would show up looking that casual. But he did.

From the neck up, he was handsome, just the right amount of scruff and very pretty eyes. But his shoe choice really threw me off. I was looking all cute with a skirt, crop top and heels and he had on runners that I would only wear if…actually I would never wear them. They were that bad.

I tried to look past the bad shoe choice and hoped he would make a better decision the next time around.

The next day when he asked to meet again, this time for a bhangra competition, I was tempted. I love to dance so I thought it would be a fun adventure. He said he would go buy the tickets and wait for me there. Once again I got dressed up and once again I was disappointed with those ugly shoes staring me in the face and at that with white socks!

He was so sweet and chatty and even though he’s not Indian, he really enjoyed the show, as did I. But all I could think about was how this guy was not making a good style impression on me. I wish I could say I wasn’t this petty, but I guess I am.

When a man shows up well dressed with a nice pair of laced, brown shoes, he already has my attention and I might just let him slide on my glass slipper and be my prince.

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