Dating Younger Men: Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number

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Dating younger men is a blessing and a curse. This Zardozi woman tells us what it’s been like finding Mr. Right even if they’re not the same age.

Dating younger men can be quite the confidence boost. As a woman, I nit pick over the increasing lines around my eyes and the dull skin that use to be full of life.  I can see my age now, but the men around me don’t seem to notice.

Some women seem to attract older men. I, on the other hand, only seem to attract men five to six years younger than me.  I am always quick to tell them I’m too old for them, to which they reply that I am not.

One 26-year-old chased me to my car, asking me out and insisting that our huge age gap, wasn’t a problem for him.

There is just something that I can’t stomach regarding younger guys. Overall I don’t think even men my age are very mature in part thanks to these very dating apps, but to go for a younger guy, would not be a wise choice. Sure they may look good and know how to have fun, but I am looking for a man, not a boy. Hopefully there is one out there who I can settle down with.

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