Mani Jassal’s Scorpius Collection is All About Brides

Mani Jassal’s Scorpius collection named after her zodiac sign was dreamed up because of her own experience planning a wedding. Bold brides flock to Jassal to dress them for their big day, but this time, Jassal’s getting a little personal, giving you a glimpse into her life as a soon-to-be bride going through the joyful and reflective moments of getting ready. Expect her usual whimsical cuts paired with crystal-inspired colours like rose quartz, moonstone and citrine. Even though Jassal is one step ahead with pushing boundaries in the best of ways, she always ensures a nod to her past too with delicate Punjabi parandi braids. We chatted with Jassal to learn a little more about this personal collection.

Mani Jassal's Scorpius - Zardozi Magazine - Bride

What’s it Like Being a Bride-to-Be?

It’s exciting to be a bride-to-be and almost surreal. I feel like no one talks about how profoundly stressful it is to be planning a wedding and how it is a full-time job on its own. It’s hard to balance planning a wedding and running a business at the same time. At the same time its quite exciting. November and December are normally quieter months for me, so I will be using this time to finally sit down and focus on my wedding.

Mani Jassal's Scorpius - Zardozi Magazine - Yellow

Why Did you Want to be Part of this Campaign?

I thought it would be nice to be a part of this collection’s campaign to showcase a real bride to be in the clothing. I think it gives the clothes more context. Putting my designs on models is always amazing, but I think it was nice to show myself as the face of the campaign. It was also fun playing dress up and trying the different colours, makeup looks and hairstyles. It felt like an over-the-top bridal.

Mani Jassal's Scorpius - Zardozi Magazine - White

Who Will this Mani Jassal Scorpius Appeal to?

Mani Jassal’s Scorpius collection is catered to brides who appreciate the finer details in their outfits. The collection consists of chikankari and badla work on silks. The bride shopping this will definitely have an appreciation for all of the handwork and craftsmanship that went into creating this collection. These pieces are timeless and will never go out of season. A bride can wear this on her big day and even after by mixing and matching with other pieces.

Mani Jassal's Scorpius - Zardozi Magazine - Red
Mani Jassal's Scorpius - Zardozi Magazine - White

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