Finding Love the Old Fashioned Way

Finding Love the Old Fashioned Way - Zardozi Magazine - Online Dating

Finding love the old fashioned way is sometimes just easier instead of online explains one Zardozi woman on her quest to find Mr. Right

I was getting tired of swiping. One second you think you have found a great guy and then he says something stupid, weird or scary that turns you off and makes you wonder if there is anyone normal left out there.

My friend and I decided to run a social experiment. We wanted to see if we could actually meet real live men out in public. Do men actually still approach women the old fashioned way?

Week one. Sunday funday on a long weekend and finally summer is here after a long winter. Seemed like the perfect way to meet people while bar hopping. But first we had to fuel up. I agreed to meet my friend at a restaurant, but I got there before her. The minute I sat down at a table, a guy passing by made a bee line to me and plunked himself down. He introduced himself and asked me where I was from. I told him to take a guess and he said, “Heaven.” Smooth buddy, real smooth. He was pretty drunk and gave me a laugh.

After dinner we went to several bars, where many guys looked, but no one approached.

The following week, we decided to try the social experiment again, this time on a Saturday night. Prime time for the hunt.

All dolled up and ready to go, we went to a local chic spot, with lots of well dressed guys and gals.

At first the place was pretty empty, but from far I saw the Frenchman who I had gone on a date with a while back. I pointed him out to my friend, who gasped at his tall, dark and handsome appearance.

Later I saw him again and as soon as I said hello, he replied with, “You look beautiful.”   He kept trying to hold my hand and asked me to meet him for a late night snack, which I declined.

That was followed by a whole United Nations of men, from a Turk to a Pakistani and a Jordanian. I wasn’t interested in any of them.

One guy insisted that I date him even though he was several years younger. I tried to divert his attention away from me and more to his analysis of dating apps. He said he liked how they put the power in a women’s court to approach a man first.

I disagree. I feel these apps, throw off mother nature’s balance of men pursuing. But luckily, this night proved, that men were still on the hunt for finding love.

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