Dating Apps: Too Gold to Be True

Dating Apps - Spinning the Globe for

There are many ups and downs for this Zardozi woman who is on her quest to find Mr. Right

Recently I thought I would resume my search to find Mr. Right on dating apps, but the universe was telling me it still wasn’t my time.

After a few swipes on an online dating app, I came across a cute guy with a nice smile and even better hair. We matched and he messaged me, but he was only in town for another day for work. He lives in another state and wanted me to come visit him there. I declined and told him I wasn’t interested in anything long distance.

Soon after, another guy and I matched and he was very persistent about meeting. But he too lived several hours away and just came to town for work.

A friend of mine suggested one app that had worked for her. Seeing her string of sexy men, made me think maybe I too would luck out.

After downloading the dating app, I liked a picture. The guy immediately sent me a message, resulting in us chatting back and forth. But turns out that he lives on an entirely different continent, involving a 24 hour journey and a visa to get to me. He says he wants to come see me, but I don’t see it happening.

Gold Luck

Back to swiping on the dating apps. For a while I had given up on Indian men. Friends and family suggested that I give them a chance. There had to be a nice one for me. With that in my head, I started chatting with a guy and I actually felt hopeful. In this case though, he was also just visiting town for a few days and would then be returning back to India.  Still I agreed to meet him in a few days, hoping that our little date would break some of the nerves I have surrounding getting back into the scene.

The other night he called me and sounded drunk and insisted that I let him visit me at my place. I said no since I don’t let guys know where I live.  You’ve got to be careful when it comes to dating apps. This guy was no exception.  Instead of graciously accepting my offer to meet him somewhere public for a drink, he said, “Why won’t you let me come to your house, do you think I’m going to steal your gold?”

I’m no gold digger and I don’t need some guy trying to take away my shine!

Will she stay single or find Mr. Right? Swipe on to see!

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