Building a Brand: Lessons from our Editor

Building a brand takes a lot of work and along the way right?! Sometimes you feel like giving up. Sometimes you think you’re on top of the world! So many ups and downs and so many lessons learned. Building a brand takes a lot of courage and determination.

Sister Sister

Zardozi Magazine started many years ago, during a late night chat between two sisters. We nurtured our baby (and even had babies) for many years. We came across a lot of creative ideas, but also made many mistakes along the way too. There’s a lot of things we might have done differently, but each misstep was an opportunity to get better. Growth while building a brand takes time.

Building a Brand Tips

Zardozi Magazine’s Editor Rina shares some of the things she has learned as this global brand for South Asian women continues to grow. There’s still a long way to go. Some of the points Rina chats about include just ignoring the social media popularity contest-be yourself! Rina also explains why she sometimes feels like giving up (and why she doesn’t) and what one of the key traits are to keep yourself motivated even when things get tough.

Making Connections

Partnering with other small, growing brands is one of Zardozi’s main goals. Sure there are plenty of big businesses out there, but we want to find the little guys who are still working their way to the top, just like us. This way, we can cheer each other one and watch each other’s business bloom. Zardozi is a platform for South Asian women to share their brand’s voices. That’s why we love featuring brands from all over the globe in our Zardozi Shop, making sure to tell you the story about the woman behind the brand. Isn’t that what keeps us all connected?

Let us know in the comments what lessons you’ve learned as you build your brand!

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