How to Remix Your Clutch with Faux Flowers

DIY Clutch Tutorial

The girls at Unconfined Aspirations show us how a little glue and faux florals can quickly transform a simple clutch.


Sona, Jasmine and Arjoo

Crafting Your Clutch

Supplies for DIY Clutch

1. Gather Your Supplies: Collect your glue gun, silk flowers of your choice (we got them from Michael’s), and a bag or other accessories you would like to use.

Plan the Design of Your DIY Clutch

2. Plan Your Design: Decide where each flower is going to be placed so you get an idea of how it will look at the end. Once you have chosen, take a sharpie and mark the spot.

Attach Flowers to Your DIY Clutch

3. Attach Flowers: Get your hot-glue gun. Look for the mark and start adhering the flowers onto the bag.

Secure Flowers to DIY Clutch

4. Secure Flowers: Press down so the flowers are properly attached. Allow it to sit until dry.

Optional Embellishments

5. Optional Embellishments: We had these loose fake pearls lying around, so we hot-glued them to the center of a few of the flowers.

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