Using Bindis to Save Babies

The Jeevan Bindi

The little red dot is saving lives, one bindi at a time.

In India, 350 million people are at risk of iodine deficiency, which can cause brain damage and birth defects in unborn babies. Many women within rural India suffer from this deficiency because of a lack of access to a common ingredient — iodized salt.

Grey for Good, the philanthropic arm of Grey Group, came up with the iodine coated Life Saving Dot, the Jeevan Bindi.  The bindi, if worn over eight hours, can deliver enough iodine through the skin to reach the daily amount needed for a woman.

The Jeevan Bindi

The NGO Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Center teamed up with Grey Group and was able to help get the bindis out to almost 30, 000 rural and tribal women.  The initiative is also supported by Talwar Bindi.

The bindis are not only fashionable, but are also very affordable at ten rupees for 30 bindis, which enables this program to reach a greater population of Indian women.

Grey Group Singapore was awarded a gold in Product Design, a silver in Lions Health, two bronze in Lions Health, a bronze in PR and a Lions Innovation Award for its Life Saving Dot campaign during the 2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Watch an educational video about the Grey Group’s life-changing iodine bindi.

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