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Building a Brand: Lessons from our Editor - Zardozi Magazine

Building a Brand: Lessons from our Editor

Building a brand takes a lot of work and along the way many lessons are learned. Zardozi Magazine started many years ago, during a late night chat between two sisters. We nurtured our baby for many years. We came across a lot of creative ideas, but also made many mistakes along the way too. There's…

Fashion & Beauty

Rahul Mishra Spring Couture 2020

Enter Indian Designer Rahul Mishra's whimsical, wild wonderland of feathery wisps and soft touches of colour inspired by an untamed planet. Mishra's designs appear to be plucked straight from an overflowing Garden of Eden carefully created by his Indian craftsmen.


Find South Asian fashion and lifestyle brands from around the globe and learn about the women behind them.



How to Save Money on a Pakistani Wedding

“Don’t your weddings last a week?” It’s a common question that many of us have heard before when we are planning a Pakistani wedding and it’s not far from the truth. Organizing all of these events can not only be time consuming, but also incredibly draining on the bank account. Mariam Rehman a newlywed based in…


Daughters - Raising daughters - Zardozi Magazine - Indian Family

Daughters, Here’s What It’s Like Raising Three

Announcing your pregnancy is supposed to be a happy time, but for mother of three, Rajbinder Grewal, it was an opportunity to battle age-old stereotypes about having daughters. Daughters are Dearest I am a Mom of three daughters. “Do you know what you are having?” It's question that practically every mother-to-be is asked by nearly…


Istanbul Travel Guide - Zardozi Magazine - Blue Mosque

Istanbul Travel Guide

“Where are you from?” asks the man in the tiny shop lined up to the ceiling with fake designer purses. “Colombia? Arabic?” This seems to be a common question across Istanbul from restaurant waiters to men hawking perfume on the street. It is not surprising considering the city was once an important stop along the…



Why are Periods Still a Taboo?

Have you seen “Pad Man”? The Bollywood film starring Akshay Kumar follows the true story of south Indian Arunachalam Muruganantham who developed sanitary pads for his wife after realising she was using dirty rags every time she got her period. It’s not your usual song and dance masala film, but that doesn’t really matter when…

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