Dating with Deer, Ducks and Dudes

There are many ups
and downs for this Zardozi woman who is on her quest to find Mr. Right in the online dating world. 

At this point there have been many men that have expressed interest in meeting through the online dating apps, but I choose wisely.

One possibility was a man with green eyes.  Sounds exotic, but he was more strange than anyone I have met so far.  At first he seemed fun-a joker who would keep me entertained, all while providing some eye candy. 

With these dating apps, your first impression is made without even meeting which is kind of odd.

When we did actually meet, he told me he was a regular smoker and showed up completely drunk. I realised that this wasn’t going to go far.  He grabbed his cigarettes and puffed away as we walked. When we reached my car, he pointed to a pick-up truck and said, “I like to hunt and keep the dead animals in the back.”  I jumped in my car and drove away, never looking back.

Can’t I just meet a normal man that wants to spend time with
me, treat me like a lady and doesn’t have a penchant for killing ducks and

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