This is How You Can See the Blue Lagoon Malta

The Blue Lagoon Malta is one of a few places on earth that are far flung and feel like paradise.

Comino, a tiny, rocky island off the coast of Malta is one of those dream destinations surrounded by impossibly turquoise water.

No one lives on the island, but that doesn’t stop crowds from descending on the Blue Lagoon to hop off its limestone cliffs and sunbathe on its shores. Hear the lively chatter of the various European visitors, who are lucky enough to make the short flight to this perfect gem.

The water is so calm that it actually feels like you are floating in a salty pool. Sea grass gently sways three meters below. Small fish circle your feet as you tread in the water. Swim to tiny sandy coves to bask in the Mediterranean sun.

The Blue Lagoon is my idea of a Mediterranean dream and this is how you too can see it on a journey to Malta.


Floating in the Blue Lagoon

Where to Stay

The Palace Hotel in Sliema is the perfect launching pad to explore both Valletta and the rest of the island. Shops, restaurants and the seaside promenade are all within walking distance.

Which Boat to Take

I organized a day trip to the Blue Lagoon in Malta with Hornblower Boat Cruises. The ticket cost 20 Euro, plus another 5 Euro for a shuttle pick-up from the Palace Hotel to the boat’s dock about half an hour away in Bugibba. The ride goes along the cost, giving you a chance to take in the Mediterranean landscape.

Gelatinous, cotton-candy pink jellyfish bobbed in the clear water near the boat. I was told that the pelagia noctiluca, as they are known, pack a painful sting.

“Welcome to Malta,” announced the captain.

We climbed up to the top level of the boat, covered in faux turf. When the boat docks at the Blue Lagoon, a plank is set down so you can disembark onto the rocky island. A slide is also attached from the top deck for the brave passengers who want to swoop down into the cerulean sea.


Blue Lagoon Malta - Europe Travel - Zardozi Magazine
View of the Blue Lagoon

What you will See

The boat chugs along the cliff-faced coast for about an hour, while the captain points out various sites and explains some of the history of the island. You will see a rock shaped like an elephant and pass through the island of Gozo’s Mgarr Harbour. The captain will take little detours to enter several caves where the water is like a bright blue popsicle melted over a shallow sandy bottom.


Blue Lagoon Malta - Europe Travel - Zardozi Magazine
Caves along the coast

What to Take

If you get queasy on boats like I do, then some type of anti-nausea medication is a must. The water was pretty choppy on the way back causing the boat to sway up and down. Bring along some towels, sunscreen and snacks.

What is on the Boat

Snorkel equipment is provided and there is a little canteen on board. Since Comino is uninhabited, there aren’t any places to use the washroom, but the boat has one. Deck chairs give you a chance to unwind after a brisk swim.

How Long you Will be There

You will spend about four and a half hours at the Blue Lagoon, but you will remember it for a lifetime.


Blue Lagoon Malta - Europe Travel - Zardozi Magazine
The Blue Lagoon is mostly shallow

What to Do There

Take a hike on the island and climb high up away from the crowds. The incline is gradual so it will not be tough on your legs, but you will still want to wear a comfortable pair of shoes since it is rocky and dry. Your hard work will pay off. At the top you will get breathtaking views of the azure expanse. See the Europeans laugh and leap off the cliffs, sending enormous splashes of salty water into the blue sky. You will never want to leave.


Blue Lagoon Malta - Europe Travel - Zardozi Magazine
A climb to the top of Comino

When to Go

I went in early May and although the water looked beautiful and the crowds were fairly sparse, the water was incredibly cold at first jump. But once I spent more time in the water, I got used to its frigid temperature (around 19 degrees Celsius). The air temperature was around 25 degrees Celsius. June and September are probably better months for a less busy, but warmer visit.


Blue Lagoon Malta - Europe Travel - Zardozi Magazine
Old fortifications like this one line Malta’s coast


Have you ever considered going to Malta?

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