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Making Indian food more accessible even when we’re too busy to cook something traditional and time-consuming is the mission behind Dhivya and Akshaya’s Chaude Curry blends. The two longtime friends from India, now living in Toronto, brought the flavours of home with them welcoming you to join them on their culinary journey. Their brand is rooted in authentic Indian tastes with an easy twist. Cooking shouldn’t be lot of work, according to these busy moms with full calendars which means Chaude Curry is approved by adults and kids! Each spice blend is small-batch, gluten-free and vegan. The House Gold Masala is made with ingredients like turmeric, cumin, coriander, sun-dried fenugreek leaves, dried mango powder for your everyday dishes from daals to roasted meats. The South Indian Duqqa comes to life in a crunchy, spicy, slightly sweet combination in the Black Sesame Lentil Podi to include in a charcuterie board or topped over eggs, meats, avocado or salads.
Chaude Curry - Zardozi Magazine - House Gold Masala
House Gold Masala
Indian Recipes - Zardozi Magazine - Black Sesame Lentil Curry
Black Sesame Lentil Curry

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