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Ravneet and Taran grew up in a close-knit Punjabi community, while Sandeep lived in London. But the trio bonded over their shared obsession with fashion. “Indian fashion for us has been passed down by the females in our family, it’s our heritage,” says Ravneet. “We cherish the fond memories we have of watching our Moms adorning themselves in vibrant colours, rich silks and sequins.” Avrani was born out of this desire to share unique fashion that is easily accessible. Each Avrani piece can be paired with anything in the collection, so you’re not limited to buying one matching outfit. Avrani is also one of the few Indian brands providing plus sizing up to 5XL. Flowing georgettes, organza, brocades, soft satins and rich silks flattering all body shapes and sizes are part of Avrani’s affordable trousseau. “We offer hundreds of fabrics to choose from to unleash the designer in our clients and create a versatile outfit for many functions, each time feeling new.”
Avrani - Zardozi Magazine - Indian Fashion
Sneha blouse $55 USD
Avrani - Zardozi Magazine - Punjabi Fashion
Sahiba Blouse $125 USD
Avrani - Zardozi Magazine - Indian Weddings
Aanya Blouse $75 USD
Heer Blouse $90 USD
Aashi Blouse $80 USD
Blue Bandhani Dupatta $60 USD