Yasmin Hakim

She lives colorfully, bringing joy to those who surround her even when it feels like a grey sweatshirt day. A believer in the richness of laughter and a true midwestern girl at heart. Yellow makes her happy and her favorite meal is brunch, but firmly believes that dessert should be considered a meal. She has a burgeoning collection of printed pants and believes retail therapy is the best form of therapy. Lights up at the sign of a sun shower and has a quirky habit of associating people with their celebrity lookalikes. A self-proclaimed scrapbooking queen and isn’t afraid to admit it, she is always on the hunt for a unique find. With a creative side passed down from her mother, she enjoys learning about her ancestral home of Rajasthan and blogging daily on Bangles & Bungalows. Yasmin is young at heart and loves making people smile, prefers comfy flats over towering heels, and curling up to watch a dramatic British period drama.