Taiwanese Artist Drawn to Sketch South Asian Brides

Toronto resident Alicia Chen has never been to India, but with a little dose of Bollywood and inspiration from her Indian friends, she draws South Asian women on their big day in a very realistic way. 

Model Thenuja Kumar (Instagram: @thenujaa)

When and why did you start drawing?  

Drawing restores and recharges my energy and picks me up when I felt so lonely  in a new place. Drawing connects me to so many good souls and people reach out to me from all classes and races.

Model Jasmine Lakhesar (Instagram: @jasminelakhesar)

What mediums do you use? 

Charcoals and pastels

Why do you draw so many Indian brides? 

My best friend did some charity work at an orphanage in India back where she met the most thoughtful and delightful girls suffering from HIV in the slums. The way she described  India was as if it was a dreamland. The poor were helping each other and they kept their smiles even though a bright future seemed so far away.  Indian women are beautiful, confident and blissful. 

Santhiya in progress

Have you ever been to India? 

I hope to travel there one day to experience the contrast of rich and poor as well as the fusion of modern and traditional. 

Instagram: @100faces

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